Slimming World Struggles


For the last two weeks Slimming World hasn’t been going too well for me. Last week I gained and this week I maintained 😐 I am so close to my half a stone reward but right now I feel like I will never get there!

Sometimes I think my job in Eurospar isn’t good for Slimming World. When I work long hours I don’t eat right and usually have more syns than allowed. I need more self-control! I wanted to join Slimming World to lose weight, no point in wasting my time by not sticking 100% to the plan!!

So this week I am going to stick to plan 100% and get my half stone award in the next week or two πŸ‘

So the plan for this week is:

   Β»Drink lots of water – Water is     something I rarely drink and I think this may be affecting my weight loss. I love ice cold water so time to stock up on the ice cubes!! Hopefully drinking water will stop me drinking fizzy drinks which make me want chocolate!

Β»Fill up on Speed Foods – If I eat more speed food I won’t be hungry which means I won’t want chocolate or sweets!

Β»Plan ahead – Plan what I will be bringing to work when I am working long hours and have no money with me so I won’t be able to buy chocolate!!

Here’s to hoping next weeks weigh-in goes much better 😁


I lost 2lb tonight!! πŸ˜±


Tonight was my second weigh in for Slimming World!! All week I was dreading the weigh-in, having a Chinese Saturday night was probably not the best idea!

To my surprise I was down 2lb this week! I’m not sure how it happened but I am not complaining!! πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ†

For the next 12 weeks in Slimming World there is going to be a different challenge set to the group. Last week it was Scan Bran, sounds like I had a lucky escape not being able to do that one! This week’s challenge is to have 1 cup of Speed Soup a day. 🍡 I am looking forward to this challenge as it seems to be do able!

During the Image Therapy session lots of people were giving their recipes and ideas for Speed Soup. It sounded like many people are just going to put all the Speed Food they have into a pot and make it into a soup! That doesn’t appeal to me at all!! πŸ‘Ž I have also been looking up different Speed Soups and have decided to make a Spicy Roast Root Vegetable Soup. I got the recipe from the Slimming World Website!

Fingers Crossed this week’s loss goes as well as tonight’s!! πŸ‘

I joined Slimming World!

So I took the plunge last week and joined my local Slimming World Group. It has been something I’ve wanted to do since after Christmas but never felt motivated to do it. I did do Slimming world before but I never put the effort into it so I never lost much. Now I am determined to work hard and get rid of some extra pounds.

So last Wednesday, after foolishly eating dinner I went up and joined the Slimming World group. This time I Β attended the New Members talk which made me understand how the plan actually works. The Image Therapy talk was also different to the ones I went to previously. Last time during Image Therapy the consultant went through everyone there and told the class how much they lost or gained. This made me self-conscious when I did gain and once I got weighed I would leave. However this consultant gives updates on new products or recipes and other general information. People are free to ask questions at any stage or talk about something that may be getting in the way of their meal plan. I definitely prefer this way and will stay for Image Therapy. I think this will help me keep on track and introduce new ideas/recipes into my plan.

As soon as I came home from Slimming World it was time for me to figure out what I could have as my HEB. Thankfully there was a lot of options including Lidl’s Just Free Multigrain Sliced Pan (2 slices) and Schar Ciabatta Roll (1 roll). While I was looking up HEB options I also looked up Syn values for many of the gluten free biscuits I eat. Schar Digestives are only 1 and 1/2 syns while the Bourbons are 3 syns each. I know which ones I will be choosing!! πŸ™‚ Although they can be enjoyed once I keep to my 15 syns a day!!

So I have been surprised and found this week easy to manage. I have counted my syns everyday and kept my food diary. I will be attending a Slimming World class tomorrow so hopefully the scales will be kind to me :S For next week I am going to work on improving my water intake and upping the amount of Speed foods I am eating. Plenty more Speed food will help me save my syns for a nice treat at night πŸ˜€

Fingers crossed the scales will be kind tomorrow!!